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How to Continue Fishing From Your Pontoon Boat When You Use A Wheelchair

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If you are restricted to a wheelchair, you don’t have to give up your love of fishing from your pontoon boat. With the right modifications and a few supplies, you can continue to fish. Here are some tips to help you out: 1. Modify the entry The first thing you need to address is the entry to your pontoon. As they are typically low slung boats, pontoons are one of the easiest types of boats to add a handicapped ramp to. A repair or restoration expert can easily help you choose an accessibility ramp that works with your pontoon. If you cannot find a ramp that you like, get creative. For example, you can modify a crane so that it lifts you and your chair from the dock into your pontoon. 2. Remove some of the bench seating Most fisherpeople love to have benches or seats in their pontoons so that they can sit as they fish. However, if you are in a wheelchair, these benches can get in the way and be cumbersome. Work with a restorer to remove some of the benches from your boat. 3. Add safety straps for wheelchairs Once the built-in seats or benches have been removed, consider adding safety straps for your wheelchair in certain areas. These straps allow you to park your wheelchair in a certain spot and secure it. In rough waters or on windy days, these straps can be a critical part of keeping your chair in place. If you are modifying the controls of your pontoon so that you can park your wheelchair under them and drive the boat, make sure to add safety straps there as well. 4. Invest in disability fishing rods Once you have finished modifying your pontoon boat to make it easier to use, you may want to invest in some products made specifically for disabled fisherpeople. There are disability fishing rods that can help people with limited hand or arm functioning. Unfortunately, most models cannot cast themselves, but if you cannot cast, you simply need to take your pontoon to great fishing waters and drop the line in. 5. Make your wheelchair support your fishing attempts In addition to buying fishing equipment designed for people with disabilities, you can also modify your wheelchair to help you. For example, some wheelchair bound fisherpeople have bolted handlines into their powerchairs, and with this type of addition, you use the rocking motion of the boat along with your chair to wind the fishing line in and out. For more pontoon modification tips or advice on disabled fishing supplies, contact a boat restoration and repairs company like Coastal Pontoon & Jetty...

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